Intellectual Property Law

Shiri Kasher-Hitin provides consultation services and legal representation in the field of IP.
She specializes in advising commercial entities and media organizations on day-to-day operations and projects in Israel and overseas.

Commercial Guidance for Israeli and International Companies:
Shiri Kasher-Hitin’s comprehensive legal guidance on IP includes: management of negotiations for business-related transactions such as licensing, sales, distribution agreements; representation before legal authorities; registration of rights as needed. Her experience also extends to providing legal guidance on protecting privacy.

Legal Guidance for Media Content Creators and other Parties Involved in Television, Film and Music industries: 
As an external and internal consultant to broadcasters, producers, writers and artists, Kasher-Hitin  has wide-ranging experience in managing negotiations on copyright agreements. She also specializes in drafting international distribution and television format agreements for format owners, as well as for producers, distributers and broadcasters. In the film industry, Kasher-Hitin advises producers and content creators in local and international co-productions and assists in acquiring rights for all sorts of adaptations and derivative works. 


Commercial Mediation for Companies and Organizations:
Kasher-Hitin handles any type of dispute arising from violations of agreements made between commercial entities or between commercial entities and private parties. In addition, she represents parties facing violations of intellectual property rights.

By developing a communication channel, the mediation process can define and clarify disputes. 
The process of opening up channels of communication for disputants enables each party to voice its own perspective on how the dispute evolved and the circumstances surrounding it. The confidentiality of the process allows all the parties to air their views freely and frankly. The opportunity to fully present their positions and the direct encounter with the other side's position often helps build a foundation for dialogue which can effectively end the dispute to the satisfaction of all the parties.

Kasher-Hitin’s extensive experience in commercial law creates a professional and businesslike framework for discussion.

Kasher-Hitin ’s deep familiarity with the business world allows her to transform discussions into clear and precise formulations of agreements that take into account all professional and human factors.


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